Friday, July 20, 2012

A Wasted Trip, But A Fun Day

Last year we went to 3 Birds Berry Farm in Blacksburg (  We picked tons of berries and froze them.  They lasted us for the whole year, except for a small amount that we lost when the power went out.  Then plan was to go last evening.  So much for plans.

Blacksburg is about an hour from here.  Because it only takes an hour or so to pick as much as we can use, we wanted to combine this trip with an antique outing.  We love going to antique shops and because we are finishing the basement and adding a bedroom, we need lots of furniture.  We couldn't go in the morning because I had to meet the farrier where the horses have been moved.  I called and got a recording reaffirming that they still had evening hours on Thursday and off we went.

Antiques On Main had the best selection of the kind of things we like.  We are looking for furniture, particularly bedroom furniture,  and we like oak. We also want a few tables  and chairs.  Next we went to Stagecoach Antiques and they also had a huge store.  We didn't buy anything this trip, but we will be looking more seriously as the basement nears completion.  Neither one had air conditioning and the fans they used were inadequate, so that kept us moving through at a pretty good pace.  It takes me forever to decide on a piece I want to buy, so I'm sure this is part of why we left the store empty handed.  We will go back when it is cooler!

It was getting close to 5:00 so we headed over to the berry farm....and they were closed.  I called to check the message and it still said they were open.  What a disappointment for a 2 hour trip.  Sure we could go back next week, but we probably won't go this year.  I guess I can just buy frozen blueberries and only have to buy what I will use soon, thereby keeping more room in my freezer.  We use them a lot in our B&B type breakfasts for guests.

Down the street from the berry farm, there was a small nursery.  We stopped in to see what they had.  They had a beautiful hydrangea on sale, so we bought that.  We wanted to have some sort of success on this shopping trip!  When I paid for it I mentioned the closed berry farm and our disappointment.  She said she had seen that they would be closed in the evening just that morning on Facebook.  Is that how I am supposed to plan my day now?  Checking to see if a company has a Facebook page and then checking Facebook for store hours?  Sheesh!

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