Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Harvest Time

Today was my first "big" harvest so I had to get out my "harvest basket" for the first time this year.


The horses are at the trainer, and I don't even have to go to the barn.  So this is my one venture out in the sun for the day. 


Although I had to hurry.  The sky was a bit threatening.


The peach trees have quite a few peaches for the first time, but they are swarming with giant wasps.  I admit that they intimidate me and I had to walk all around the tree to find the peaches that were not covered with wasps and butterflies, of all things.


Naturally the ones with the wasps had been partially eaten by said wee beasties, so they were no good.  I was tempted to pull them off and throw them on the ground, but decided they would give the insect predators a distraction from me reaching in and taking the untouched peaches. 


There is some kind of small brown spots on my peaches.  I did a bit of research and it seems I have to ride out this season and then spray for the bacteria early next season.  I also have to spray for peach leaf curl and the fire blight for the apples.  I had hoped to go organic, but I guess that is not going to happen!


I also hope the spray I need to use will take care of all of the trees so I only have to use one type.  This will be easier and cheaper so it most likely won't work for me, worst luck.


Lee is currently spraying the hay fields.  We use 2,4-D to kill the broadleaf weeds.  This gives more room for just grass to grow.  It made for some great hay for the horses.  Even though we no longer have the horses here, I don't want to let the weeds come roaring back, like they are trying to do. In addition to choking out the grass, they have pollen that is hard on Lee's allergies.  So we will probably continue to spray, at least once a year.  It's kind of expensive when we don't get the use of the hay, but I think getting rid of the weeds and pollen is worth it.  We have a sprayer that we mount on the back of the mule and with the four wheel drive, we can get most anywhere on the farm.

I trimmed the tomatoes and now have some green ones to make more fried green tomatoes.  My friend, and fellow blogger Anita Firebaugh ( see her blog on my blog list, Blue Country Magic) suggested using tempura batter for a change of pace and I think that is a good idea.  I don't have any more goat cheese, but I can make some peach salsa from the few I will get this year..and they have to be peeled and can't be made into jam with the current brown spot/bacteria issue, so salsa is a good use for them. 


Hey, where did that giant zucchini come from?  Didn't I just pick TWO days ago?  It is amazing how fast they can grow and how well they can hide.  My yellow squash didn't make it so it will be heavy on the zucchini this year.  I hope the butternut squash does well. I love to roast it and make it into soup. 


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