Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too Hot For Pictures

Like it says.  Too hot.  Do you know how it is when you get off the plane in Hawaii?  You have been in a climate controlled airplane and now you get hit with a wall of heat and humidity?  THAT is what it is like here.  Except for the tropical breezes and the flowers and the ocean.  Oh, yeah.  And the palm trees.  Other than that it is almost exactly like Hawaii.

It hasn't rained in a few days and I have newish plants that need to be watered.  And fed.  So I did that. Lots of sweating.  Noticed some bird poo on the table and chairs in Roz's garden.  The hose is a bit too short to reach so I sprayed it the best I could and then scrubbed it off with my fingers.  Is this gross?  Is it bad that it doesn't bother me?  I have certainly touched a lot of animal (and human) feces over the years.  I can't be bothered to be bothered.

I weeded around her Pinky Winky Hydrangea.  I told her to pay attention to how I am working to keep her garden nice.  Send me a sign.  No answer.  I asked her , "Now, do you believe in God?  No answer for that, either.

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  1. We are indeed having some nasty hot weather. I am hoping for a storm to cool things down!