Monday, June 18, 2012

Animal Print Cards

I don't have a quilt or knitting project to work on and I feel kind of restless.  I am planning to do a quilt towards the end of the year when there will be a class offered for a quilt I like so I don't want to start one now.  I haven't found a pattern I want to knit.  The yarn shop is closed today, so I will go tomorrow and look around.  I will make another afghan with the same pattern I just finished, with a different yarn, if I can't find something I want to do. 

In the meantime, I made some cards.


I had some animal print paper that I bought...on sale.  That is my favorite type of purchase.  On the other hand, the paper has been on sale EVERY time I have gone to the craft store, so I am not sure it is such a good deal.

I have some animal rubber stamps, so I tried to combine them with the new paper.  My friend Cheri is REALLY good at this, but she lives in California and I live far, far away, so I will have to tough it out.  Sadly, my skill set is better for following directions than for thinking up projects.


I stamped and embossed some elephant, giraffe, koalas and horses on different colored card stock.  I cut them out and stared at them for awhile. 


Then I went through the animal print paper and pulled out a few I thought would work. 


This involved shuffling through the different animals and trying to see what went better where.


I like attaching some things with foam dots to make them more 3-dimensional.  It does make putting them in envelopes problematical and I worry how they will appear when mailed. 


I liked the elephant with a big leaf, but I have no idea what the leaf is ( a giant fern, maybe?) and I doubt there is a leaf big enough for an elephant to hide behind.  Take it with a bit of artistic license.
I cut up some moss to add dimension.


I cut some paper flowers to look like grass and put the giraffe in the foreground.


The koala looked good on the safari print even though I doubt they have safaris in Australia.


The horses worked on the snake print paper.  I have seen a lot of snakes while riding in the mountains and deserts of California.  Once again it was not a safari, but it seems to fit.

Thee are some embossed animals left over for a future card making endeavor.  I like to make extras when I am embossing because it is time consuming and I might as well do a bunch at a time.  You never know when you might need something specific and find it languishing in the drawer.


I left these cards blank until I can come up with an occasion to use them.  Somebody better need a card quick.  My finished card box is filling up. 

I have to cook something pretty soon.   I am bored with cards.

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  1. These are so nice, Most of the people and especially the children likes the animals cards.