Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Obstacle Removed

The vet came out and treated the horses and gave them a Coggins test.  This was the last obstacle before I send them to the trainer to sell.  I have had them on line in and  I have had some interest, but no sales, so they will be going to the trainer on the first of July.  She will add some training to them and sell them for me.  It will add to the cost and the time it will take to get them sold, but it needs to be done.  They need a forever home and it can't be me.  It is a shame to waste these great horses as lawn ornaments

Tracy Bell (AKA Bell Vet) is our veterinarian.  She is great and reasonably priced.  I wasn't in a hurry so we were able to schedule a visit when she was in Buchanan and this reduced the travel time and mileage from her Lexington address, so that was good for me.

They got the usual shots.  Did you know horses can get rabies?  Well, they can, so they needed a booster.  Unlike dogs and cats, they need one every year.  The Coggins test is required to move horses from barn to barn or to a show ring.  It tests for Equine Infectious Anemia.  This is a VERY contagious disease for which there is no vaccine and no cure.  I didn't realize this, but if the test was to prove positive, I would have to put that horse down and the other would be quarantined for a long time and then retested.  The vet told me six months, but I could not find an article to verify this.  Actually I read 5 and then gave up.

But it is rare and they have been only here except for one trail ride, so I am not worried.

The vet gave me a paper that explains how to get my results.  I have never done this before, so I am glad she did.After waiting a few days for the lab to do the test and get the results, I log in to a website, get the results and then print them for whoever gets these horses.  Ain't technology wonderful?  I guess this is why the post office is losing money.  One day the government will charge us an email surcharge to pay for the fact we are NOT using the postal service!

Dr. Bell also took picture of the horse to verify which horses were actually tested.  I guess if someone wanted to kill my horse I'd try to tell them it was a mistake and for another horse, too!  Libby looked so good in the sunshine, I took another picture, myself.  If I was naming her, I might have called her Copper or Penny because her coat just glows in the sunshine!

The farrier came and the vet came and they have been lunged regularly.  Somebody come buy these beautiful animals.  I would rather sell them from here so I can see who is getting them.  I want to picture them happy in their new homes.

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