Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Throw To Knit

Watching TV when my hands are not occupied feels like I am wasting time.  OK.  I know.  I AM wasting time.  But Lee watches car auctions and car finding, fixing and selling shows ad nauseam.  So I either read or knit...or fall asleep.  Took a day and went to Yarn Explosion in Roanoke.

OOOOH.  Side note.  I discovered they have a day and time for problem people.  That's ME   I'm a problem people!  I can go in and for $5.00 I have 2 hours to complain, I mean ask for help.  Cool!  Now I can try those patterns that appear too difficult. 


I bought an easy pattern for this project.  I found some gorgeous, soft yarn and I will make this throw and see how it is.  I must be nuts to start a knitting project on one of the hottest and most humid days of the year, but I never claimed to be smart.  OK.  I claimed to be smart, but sometimes I don't listen to my inner voice.  Or those of my family.  I mostly listen to police officers, however ;-)


It has been rainy or too hot for a few days, so I let the horses have a couple of days off.  We had a sort of B&B guest last night.  She was a friend of our daughter's from work.  After she left I went to the barn, but it was already too hot.  I worked with each horse for about 5 minutes and then hosed them off and let them go.  I didn't put them in their pasture.  I just left them out.  This way they can get in the barn.  It was about 10 degrees cooler in there and had a nice breeze blowing through.

Then I had to go take a bath and clean up.  Didn't want to knit with sunscreen, horse and excess amounts of ME on the throw.

Later we will go get the blueprints for the basement finishing.  Maybe we can get the permits this week!!!  B&B here we come.

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