Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cards With Flowers

I finished the quilt and now I have nothing to do in my craft room!  I decided to make a few cards.  I have been buying cute little stickers and ribbons and anything I think will make a cute card, so it was incumbent upon me to make something to justify the expense.

Michael's has a spot near the front of the store where they have sale items.  Sometimes I buy a rubber stamp or some ink.  Last time I bought some blank cards with matching envelopes.  Six for a dollar!  Just what a craft hoarder needs to find!  I have to use some things up so I won't feel bad buying more junk...I mean, craft visit.

I had some wooden half pots from my friend Cheri from at least 7 years ago.  I cut some strips from a remnant of green card stock with an X-acto knife.  I free-handed some leaves, but I am no artist, so let's call them "rustic"


I had some stickers with daisies and a few ribbon flowers with pearls.  Sooo cute.

First I glued the pot on the blank card.  This will have to be a hand delivered card.  I don't think it will go through the mail.  I glued a few "stems" leaving enough room for the big daisies.  Then I added a few "leaves".  I have enough "quotes" to write a "term paper"

Peel and stick daisies.  Easy peasy.  There was some left over moss from a long ago project.  (Thanks Cheri!)


I cut it up, spread a little glue inside the pot and stuffed in the moss.  The X-acto blade helped to position it and to push the moss into the glue.  I had a baby wipe from cleaning a rubber stamp to clean off the Exacto knife.  Don't try this at home.  VERY sharp.

A "thanks" stamp with colored ink and a bit of cutting with a pair of fancy scissors looked rather bland on the white card stock.  So I used a yellow marker to outline it.


Next I used a Sizzix cut out of a clay pot.  I bent it a bit before gluing so that it was three dimensional.  Then I used more of the stems and leaves.  When I went to peel the ribbon flowers off the backing, they stuck and the little glue dot/foam thingy, tore.  No problem.  I just added a dot of liquid glue and stuck it down.  Now I know why they were on sale for $1!

I like these cards and they were quick to put together.  I may have to make more of them.  I also made one that said Happy Birthday, so I am ready for any occasion.

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