Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cheese Baked Eggs

When I want a quick, but elegant egg presentation, I use Cheese Baked Eggs.   You can make it slightly different every time by changing the kind of cheese you use.  Today I used some Pepper Jack.  It was a bit too spicy for me, but those that like a bit of kick with their breakfast may want to consider it.

It is Father's Day , today.  I no longer have a father for whom I can make breakfast, so I made breakfast for Lee.  We also had some papaya and bacon. 

Cheese Baked Eggs

1 teaspoon butter
1 Tablespoon cream, I used half and half.
1 egg
shredded cheese.  I usually use Havarti or Swiss.  Jack is OK but rather bland.  I don't really like Cheddar with this dish, but it is fun to play around with different cheeses.  I wonder how goat cheese would taste????

This dish is easy to make more or less and there are never any leftovers to deal with.

Pre-heat the oven to 425.  Get one ramekin for each egg.  If you are making a lot, put a big hunk of butter in one.  Then melt it in the microwave and swirl the liquid butter around the ramekin and pour it into the next.  Do this until all the ramekins are buttered.


Put the cream in the buttered dish and gently add in one egg.  Drop a small mound of shredded cheese on top of the egg.  Salt and pepper to taste.


Bake for 10 to 12 minutes.  I like my egg a wee bit runny.  If you don't and if you want the yolk completely solid, you may have to cook it a bit longer. 

I put my ramekins on a cookie sheet or a pizza tin (it's smaller).  It makes it easier to get them into the oven without spilling.  Remember, these will be HOT!!  I take them off the cookie sheet with tongs.  I keep them in the kitchen a few minutes to cool a bit.  Then I warn my guests to be careful. 

I prefer Hawaiian Papaya.  I don't like the Mexican variety.  If you have never tried them, they are a special treat.  We used to have a papaya tree in our backyard in Hawaii.  I love being able to pick breakfast off a tree.  There are ladies that sit along the roadside in Hawaii and sell papayas.  I miss being able to have them whenever I want.


Cut the papaya in half length-wise.  They are filled with shiny, black seeds.  Gently scrape them out with a spoon.


Papayas are usually served with a lime wedge.  I like lots of lime, so I serve them with more than one wedge.  You squeeze the lime on the papaya and spoon it up.  They are kind of pricey in Virginia, but, Hey!  It's Father's Day.  (And I'm worth it!)

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