Thursday, June 14, 2012

Card Making Marathon


We went to town this week and I spent some time in Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I was looking for a new pattern to knit an afghan.  Nothing caught my eye.  Except for the craft sale items that had nothing to do with my excursion!  I always check and they usually have a few things I can't resist.  I am almost at the hoarder level.  I think that as long as I have room on the shelves and I still USE them I should get a pass!

I pulled out some paper and accessories and put them into piles that pleased me


Then I cut some blank card stock to invitation size.  I used different color card stock based on the papers and findings I was going to use. 


Then I turned on mindless TV and went to work.  I'm sure glad Lee moved the TV in there.  It gets lonely all by myself.  It makes it rough when we have more than one guest room in use.  SOMEONE doesn't get TV.  Oh, well, it's all about me, so I live with it.


I had some pastel papers that went well with some ribbons, lace and flowers.


There was a pretty delicate heart paper I thought went with the baby ribbon roses.


I needed a masculine, boy-type card, too.  I do have a son and a husband, after all.


I even made a wedding one.  I have a daughter getting married and I may give this to her.  (Trista...don't look, just in case)  I bought some wedding paper and added some groom stickers to the bride stickers I had.  I kind of like it.


Sometimes you have to NOT use everything that you like.  You can overwhelm the card.  But sometimes excess is fun!


So, two hours and six cards.  I guess I won't go into the business, after all.  I would like to be more skilled and more creative.  Maybe I 'll take some classes at Jo-Ann Fabrics!

I left all the cards blank so that I could use them for any occasion.  Then I stamped and embossed some of the new stamps I bought (at a discount!) with sentiments like U ROCK, G THANKS and Make A Wish.  I cut them up and will be able to pull one out and put it on a finished card whenever I need.


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