Wednesday, June 10, 2015

CHOMP the Battlebot

Did you ever watch the Battlebot show on Comedy Central?  These were not little toy robots, but monster, heavy, remote controlled killing machines.  They were placed in a cage and they fought to the death.  Some had circular saws or a heavy mallet to kill the opposing robot.  I remember a wedge-shaped robot that slammed into the opponent and flipped it over, rendering it defenseless.  Each robot had several remote controls to operate the different systems, one for driving, one for fighting, etc.  It is a ballet of cooperation for the controllers of these heavy weight machines.
Our son, Travis, LOVED these things and was in the process of building one to compete when the show went off the air.  Since then he has volunteered with high school robotics teams and gone with them to regional competitions.  Now ABC is starting up the Battlebot show and is promoting it heavily during the NBA basketball championship games.

And Travis is on a team!  His team's robot is called CHOMP.  You can go see the CHOMP Facebook page and follow them.  Their Battlebot is in this commercial. 

I know nothing about Twitter, but Travis says he has been running the Twitter and you can follow it here

The first competition is going to be shown on June 21.  What a fun Father's Day treat!  I can't wait.

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  1. I remember that show. Good luck to Travis!