Friday, June 26, 2015

Another basket

I'm really enjoying the clothesline basket making.  I am not ready to make enough for a site on Etsy, but it is fun and I like the creativity of it.  I'm enjoying playing with the colors and sizes and shapes.


I had a basket of fabric strips I had left over from my large purse project.  I thought it would be enough to make another small basket.


I wrapped the strips around some clothesline and zig zagged them together as I have done since I learned it for my first basket.


This time I went to Jo-Ann fabrics and bought some beads and findings to decorate the baskets.  I wrapped a short length of clothesline with a single strip of fabric and did a zig zag stitch down the middle.  I attached it by hand to the basket as a sort of handle.  I added a few beards of a matching color and decided I liked it. 


Now I want to make MORE!!!


  1. Maybe you could sell these at the farmer's market.

  2. So great looking! You really do need to sell these either locally or on Etsy.