Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Angel-Berry Trifle

A trifle is a traditional English dessert with rum soaked sponge cake, custard and fruit.  I found this lighter version and it was the perfect way to end a hearty meal.


Angel-Berry Trifle

1/2 angel food cake... from the market, easy peasy
1 quart fresh strawberries
1 pint fresh blackberries
2 cups Cool Whip
2 Tablespoons sugar or equivalent sugar substitute
3 Tablespoons rum, optional


I was making this for 4 people, so these are the amounts I used. 


Wash and dice the strawberries and place in a bowl.  Gently stir in the sugar or sugar substitute and set aside.


Slice the angel food cake and cut the slices into cubes.  I made this ahead of time and placed the cubes in a sealed container.


Gently fold the rum into the Cool Whip.  I returned the Cool Whip to the refrigerator until we were ready for dessert.


Layer the dessert by placing a large dollop of the Cool Whip on the bottom of the bowl.  Add the sliced strawberries and then the cubes of cake.  Spread another small mound of the Cool whip and then add the blackberries and another layer of the small cubes of cake.

Finish with another mound of the rum topping and the last of the strawberries.


I don't like the traditional trifle because the cake is soggy.  This version is light and satisfying. It was not too sweet and didn't make me feel stuffed or guilty for having a refreshing dessert.


  1. Oh my! Looks like a work of art!

  2. A totally easy peasy dessert to make and EAT! Get in my belly!!!!