Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stay Off

Ordinarily you wouldn't say that to people.  It's not how you greet people.  Especially when you are in the hospitality business, like we are with the B&B.

But we are resurfacing our asphalt driveway.  They say you should do this every three years.  Seriously. Every three years.
The whole 1/3 of a mile drive way.  The length of a road driveway.  Gosh, you say.  That sound$ expen$ive.  Why, ye$.  It i$ expen$ive.
We are very busy almost the whole month of October.  We thought the bookings would drop off after summer, but they haven't.  And then Lee's sister and her husband are coming to visit.  We had a small window of opportunity when there were no guests and no rain, so we took it.


We parked the cars by the B&B entrance and locked up the pets.  There is a back driveway, so we aren't trapped up here.  But I sure hope we don't get a package for delivery.

Lee assures me there is some tape across the drive to clue anyone tempted to drive up that it is not a good idea. 

But, really?  Every THREE years.  I guess we'll wait and see, but I'm thinking five years.  Five years should be good.

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