Saturday, October 4, 2014

Decorating Gene

I don't have it.  The decorating gene.  I can look at something someone else did and then do that.  But I can't come up with idea on my own very easily.


But it is Fall and we have a whole apartment for guests and I wanted to do SOMETHING.  We have  a BUNCH of Christmas decorations, but not too many Fall decorations.  And I know it is easy to go from "That's cute" to "What was she thinking?".

I can see that my back issue is affecting my photography.  Must stand up straight.

I placed a few items around and then took pictures.  I will leave it up to you to decide.


Enough?  Too much??


I see a trip to Michael's or Pier 1 in my future.  Or not.



  1. I think it looks good. I esp. like the photo of the décor over the fireplace. Very seasonal.

  2. It's PERFECT! I would never go overboard with seasonal decorations in a B&B, and you have done just enough touches to make it look seasonal and yet not so much that it becomes 'in your face' to your guests. And come Christmas, keep it generic since not everyone is Christian. ALSO, the more decorations you use, the more work it is for you after the fact to put it all away. xox