Monday, October 6, 2014

Mountain Magic 2014


This past weekend was the 20th annual Mountain Magic in Fall Festival in Buchanan.  This is a Bluegrass, Antiques and Craft show and this year seemed like the biggest one yet.


It has been voted the Top Community Event in the Roanoke Times many times and is really fun.


Up until now,  Main Street through Buchanan was closed for the festival.  This year they closed parts of  Lowe Street and used the carnival grounds.  Main Street in Buchanan is a continuation of highway 11 and it is the alternate route for I-81.  When there is an accident on 81, they route everybody, big rig trucks and all, through the tiny town of Buchanan. This is not a good mix with closed streets and festival attendees.


In my opinion, the park is the perfect place for the festival. 


There was ample, close parking, the vendors were all in one location without having a long line of them, and they were able to open the buildings for the local organizations to sell or make food for their favorite charities.


This was also a better venue for the various musical groups.  Young and old, everyone loves the music!


The bandstand was perfect and there was a lot more room in front for the music lovers to set up their chairs,


grab some fair food and kick back.


There are even covered places to sit and eat.


It seemed to me that there were more people, but not as many antique cars as I had seen, or maybe noticed, previously.  I used to have to hike out to the end of the town for the line of antique cars and then back to get some great fair food.  That is usually my favorite part of any festival.  This time it was a short walk to al the rows of vendors.  I would anticipate even more people enjoying this new location.


Did you get your Buchanan Fries?  No?  Well, there's always next year

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  1. Wish I could have gone. We were in Winchester, visiting my son and granddaughter.