Thursday, October 9, 2014

Need Some Craft Time

I have been doing a lot of things, but nothing particularly creative.  I FORCED myself to go make some cards.  I have to schedule fun time around here or I just keep plugging away at work things.

OK.  I lied.  I went crazy on the computer and ordered every library paperback that looked interesting.  And then a whole bunch came in at once.  I have 21 books checked out and 20 books in the queue.  The books can be checked out for 28 days, so while I don't really like taking a rest in the middle of the day, I have a lot of reading to accomplish and not much time.  It's a hard job.  But I am up for the task.

To be honest I can usually read a book a day. But now I HAVE to.  A former library employee can't have late books.  That's just wrong. 


So I made some cards.  Recently we made a trip to Michael's looking for some Fall themed items.  I found a few things and most of them were on sale.  The advantage of procrastinating. 


I also want to send a card to my daughter in England, thanking her for joining us on our recent trip to Cornwall.  I needed a travel theme.


Trista can't see the card or it won't be fun for her to get one!  Speaking of which. Don't you love getting a real card.  Yes, I like email cards and just notes from friends and family, but a card is extra special.


I placed a bunch of items I thought would work on the table and then picked out the ones I wanted to use.  First I made the travel card.


For this I used some travel stamps.  I love the ones I peel off the backing and place on a clear stamping block.  These are easy to store and easy to place.  Of course, in this case, I stamped more than I needed on some card stock and cut them out.  I like to do this when I have time.  Then I save them in little Ziploc bags for days when I need a card in a hurry.  Then I can paw through what I have and throw something together.



While I was stamping, I made some that said Happy Birthday.  I like to have a bunch of those on hand for birthdays that pop up.  Thank you is also a good thing to make a bunch of extras of.  (I tried like crazy to not end that sentence with a preposition.  My internal editor does not like that sentence, but it is a good thing to do, so stop trying to figure how I could have said it better and go stamp yourself a Thank You stamp on a bunch of card stock.)


I also assembled some Fall leaves, rust colored paper and some 3D yellow daisies.


I like the finished ones.  But I don't love them.  My creative juices aren't flowing.  Maybe I should go work on the quilt I started months ago.

Gotta write that on my list.  Stop reading and cut some quilt pieces out.  I mean, cut out some pieces for the quilt.  I won't write that either.  Just QUILT.  I know what I mean.

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  1. I've been meaning to make some cards all summer. After missing several birthdays and anniversaries, I caved yesterday and bought some to get in the mail today. Sigh.