Thursday, October 30, 2014

Holding Off The Inevitable

We recently bought some new furniture.  The old furniture had been scratched by our cats one too many THOUSAND too many times.

Our plan of using Sticky Paws and multiple scratching posts is working.  SO far...


But what about cat hair, you ask?  Are you able to wear black pants again?


Of course not.  But I did come up with a solution of sorts.  I found some cloth furniture covers that were not too hideous.



Yes. I do remember people that had plastic furniture covers and runners in their houses.

Hopefully these look OK.


The loveseat has double recliners and a console in the middle.  The seat cover would not fit and it would not be possible to recline on one side with the stationary middle.


My solution was to cut the cover up the middle and then do an overlock stitch to finish the cut edge.


Now we have covers for all three pieces.  It looks OK.  But the best part is that these covers are washable and it will be easy to whisk the covers away when we have guests and they will be able to sit on not-quite-as-hairy seats.


You know, for when the queen visits.  But, somehow, I think she will understand.

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