Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gift of a Lamp

My daughter's future grandmother-in-law sent an oil lamp to us as a gift.  I thought it might work in the B&B, but there is no way I want anything set on fire down there.  That is why I don't decorate with candles.  Even if you tell people they are for decoration only, they might forget and then I have a potential fire problem.

So no candles or oil lamps.


But I wanted to decorate the electric fireplace in the basement.  Electric because of that whole fire thing.  It gives the warmth and MOST of the ambience of a fireplace, but no one dies.  Not dying is the first rule in getting good reviews for a B&B.  Well, that and a great breakfast.


First I had to clean the bit of oil residue from the lamp.  I used Dawn.  If it can clean up oil soaked birds....


Then I had to dry the inside, but my hand and even a small rag, didn't fit.  For the last little bit I used a BBQ skewer and a tissue.

We made a trip to Michael's and then Pier One.  Finally I went to the newest store in Buchanan, KC Collections.  They had their soft opening this last weekend and we wanted to see what they had.  A new store in Buchanan is a great thing and I hope they do well.


I removed the wick and added some small pine cones and dried thingamabobs.  Dried miniature gourds?  Who knows.  In they went.


I found a crinkled, rust colored napkin and matching Fall colored napkin ring.  Pier 1 also had the cutest Owl on a Pine Cone ornament.  I didn't know what I would do with him, but he was cute.


K C Collections had a small wreath that I thought would work with the whole look I was going for.  You know the one, nice, but not too fussy.


I put them together and think I like it.  I may add a few,  a VERY few, miniature ornaments at Christmas, along with a Christmas colored napkin and ring.  But for now,  I think I'll keep it.


So what do you think about the owl? 


The owl.



  1. I like the owl and I think you've styled the lamp very well. Years (and years) ago when I was in college, I collected owls. A few of them were still around before this last move to Daleville. Sadly, they didn't make the move - and now they're quite the decorative accessory.

  2. Cute idea! I used to collect owls when we lived in a chalet but they no longer match our surroundings.

  3. It's a beautiful gift!
    I have a few of these hurricane lamps and I have electrified all of them. I bought sockets made especially for this purpose that screw onto the lamp base. The glass hurricane then goes over the light bulb. It's become difficult to find lampshades designed for the glass hurricanes, though.

  4. That's a very clever idea. Quick and simple solution. The owl sets it all off nicely.