Thursday, April 3, 2014

Two Gates

We have spent the last two days spiffing up the gardens around the house.  You know, the usual clearing out of dead brush from the winter.  I trimmed a few branches from the apple trees that had so many problems from blight last year.  I will spray them later when they blossom out.

We also noticed a few problems with the gates into the B&B garden.  We are expecting our first guests through Airbnb next week and want them to have a great experience.  This includes a great entrance!


Lee noticed that the gates wouldn't open all the way.  Dirt and grass had built up behind it over the years, so I dug that out.


We had installed a gate in front of the steps when we thought it was possible to keep RJ there when we were both at work.  Each time he managed to climb out within ten minutes.  We would watch him escape from a window.  Then we would put something in that particular spot and he would go to another.  If someone wants a dog to go mountain climbing with them, we have the perfect companion!


He scratched the white gate and I wanted to make it pretty again.

So I sanded and spray painted it.


Now it looks better.  But it also looks like rain.

Spray paint dries fast, right?


  1. Your first B&B guests? How exciting!

  2. Love that you will have B&B guests. Congratulations and wishing you a fabulously successful business venture... xox