Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Stuff

I am finally getting around to doing something about our last guest room.  We have a guest room that I consider finished and then Tara's old room.  She took a lot of furniture with her when she moved out, but we still have her desk.  It is huge, so we may have it for a while.  In the meantime, there was an auction at Crowning Touch  They have an auction once a month and we bought quite a few things there for the B&B.


It has gotten so that I can't make myself pay retail for furniture.  Well, I don't buy used beds, but other than that I am open!


We bought two small pictures for about what a good frame would cost. 

One is an original pastel (I think) of Fall and I really like it.  Does anyone know John Westcott?  Tell him I really like his work!


We bought a bedside table for the other side of the bed.  You have to have a lamp and a spot to place your book at the end of the night.  At least I do.  My sister-in-law gave me a couple of lamps and so now I have a spot to put them.


There was a wing back chair we got for a reasonable price and a piecrust table.  We also got a mahogany game table.


None of them were in great condition.  But they are nice and now I don't have to worry if someone dings one up.  They came pre-dinged!


A little wood oil, upholstery cleaner and Windex and they all look better than nice.

And all for less than I would spend in a furniture store for just one piece.

Score!  And a good start.


  1. Love Crowning Touch! My mom just bought some pieces of furniture there.

  2. Buying used is great and you got some nice looking pieces, pre-dinged at no extra cost.