Friday, April 4, 2014

Dining Al Fresco

We have had a long cold winter. This has kept us from one of our favorite things.

Dining in the screen porch.  (ON the screen porch?)  It is a perfect way to end the day.  We are usually occupied with our own projects. A simple meal where we can talk about what we have done and enjoy the fresh air and mountain views is a joy.


The screen porch and the views here are the things that really sold us on this house.

Last night was the first night we were able to use it.  It was a warm day and we had spent some time in the garden.  There was a nice breeze keeping the porch cool and we could hear the lowing of a few neighboring cows.

I can't wait for the trees to blossom, especially the Dogwood and the Redbuds.  They are two of my favorites.  That is another great time on our screen porch.


Simple pleasures.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the dogwoods and redbuds too. Spring in Virginia is fantastic!

  2. Pat would enjoy that hammock...he is already using his on the patio.