Sunday, April 13, 2014

Baby Gift

I have a cousin nearby who just had another baby.  I wanted to get her a baby gift.  But I couldn't think of what she would need.

This is not her first child, so I thought baby clothes would not be necessary.  She has 10 children and so space is an issue and toys may not be appreciated.


I decided to knit her an afghan.  Usually I go to a fancy yarn shop for knitting gifts.  I don't want to spend 100 hours making something out of cheap yarn.  On the other hand, I didn't want to get a natural fiber, like wool or cashmere that would irritate a baby's skin.  I wanted something super soft, but washable.   There are things that babies do that are just unpleasant and washing can be necessary.

We were in Jo-Ann fabrics looking for crafting items and I found this afghan book.  I don't like crocheting as much as I do knitting and it is sometimes hard to find pretty, yet not too complicated patterns.  This book is full of great knitting patterns.  I bought the book and found some super soft, and not too pricey, baby yarn.


I hate starting a new pattern, because I always have to tear it out and start over until I establish the pattern.  This was no different. 


I have a good start and I hope to finish it in a few weeks.  After all the baby is about 3 months old and I have not seen him nor brought him a gift.

Gotta get cracking.   For some reason it is taking longer than I thought.   Even with Rhett's most excellent help. 


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  1. Thank you, Rhett... you are ever so kind to help. LOL