Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Round Up Time

Today was the first Round Up time of the year.  Oh, you thought I meant rounding up cows?  Oh.  No.  That is too much work for us.  In fact, I can no longer grip weeds hard enough to pull them from the ground without snapping them off.


So I make a big batch of Round Up and spray the suckers.

First I sprayed a dose of antibiotic on the apple trees.  So far it seems to be working on the fire blight.  I would love to have my first apples this year.

I sprayed the peach trees a little late, but spring is a little late this year, so they seem to be doing okay and I haven't seen any peach leaf curl.


Then I started on the Round Up.  I only sprayed two gallons and it did all the gardens and around the fruit trees. 


I guess it helps to do it early in the growing season, before the weeds get too big. 


We are getting a lot of onions this year.  It smells funny when we mow.  Almost like I am preparing dinner!

I didn't even rinse the sprayer after I sprayed the antibiotic.  I didn't care if the weeds got a smidgen of it along with the Round Up.

I even had enough to spray the vegetable garden area.  I wanted to kill all the weeds before I dig the soil in preparation to plant.  Lee wants to do corn this year.  And I want to plant rhubarb.  I may skip the tomatoes.  I have problems with them splitting and I can just go to the Farmer's Market in Daleville and let them deal with the rain and the weeds!

 I may do zucchini, but have had problems with vine borers.  You have to spray for them every week or so and I don't always get to the plant before the borer does.  Very discouraging.  Basil does well and I love it, so that will go in, too.


It looks like most of the blueberries came through the winter okay.  There are two that haven't started budding, but I will wait a bit to see what happens in the next few weeks.  I fed them some Miracle Gro for acid loving plants and next I will get some pine mulch and they should be ready to do a little bit of harvesting this year.

I killed a bunch of weeds today, sprayed for fire blight and fed the blueberries.  And now I quit for the rest of the day.  Time to knit.  A girl has to pace herself.  And knitting is working.  It is just sitting down and watching TV working.  I'm okay with that.

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