Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wedding Venue

We spent a few days last week visiting our daughter in Northern Virginia, sometimes known as NOVA.  Part of the time was spent looking at a few ideas for her future wedding.


The first place we went is called Zion Springs.  It is a Bed and Breakfast that is booked for the whole weekend. 


The four B&B rooms are for wedding participants for the weekend.   You have the use of the grounds, complete with tents, chairs and tables for the rehearsal, the wedding and reception.  It is a beautiful spot.  We could tell, even though it was currently sort of brown and dead.  Winter, you know. sigh  I used the photos from their website.


Next we went to the Barns at Hamilton Station.  It is a fairly new winery and they supply the grounds and the rooms for the reception.  It is also very pretty, but you get more time and more of an event, the whole weekend, after all, at Zion Springs.  These pictures were captured from their website.


No decision is made, but we stayed at The Barns for a wine tasting and a picnic meal.


They have music on Friday and Saturday so we stayed for some of that, too.  A good evening. 


And Happy Birthday, Tara!




  1. I think both places are so nice, perfect for weddings but if I had a vote (which I don't of course) it would be with Zion Springs. Bet you find one you like better later on. Planning weddings are such fun.

  2. I liked Zion Springs out of these two options. Will you be looking at more venues? Of course your B&B is gorgeous as well and you could have it there and simply have caterers come in to take care of all the food for you. Think of the fabulous photos of her wedding if held at your place! Of course most of her friends are probably in Northern VA so that would make sense to have it there.

  3. Oh so you had a great journey visiting all these places. And didn't you find a perfect place? I can suggest you some qualities to look for in a wedding banquet hall.
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