Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Is It Wrong?

We got someone else's Southern Living magazine in our mailbox by mistake.  The picture on the cover showed a lemon lime pound cake.  It looks like we may get Spring after all and that sounds like a perfect Spring-type dessert, don't you think.

It came on Saturday.  And there is no mail pick up until Monday, so I accidentally glanced through it.


And then made some copies of a few recipes.  Ooops.


I put it back in the box on Monday, so it could be delivered down the street to the right address.

I didn't remove any pages or drip on it.

Is that wrong?


  1. Well, technically... but it didn't hurt anything. I don't know that I'd want the publishers to see this post though!

  2. Since the magazine was intact, of course now, and if you feel guilty yiu could always share a couple pieces of the lemon lime pound cake, but only IF you feel badly still.