Monday, March 17, 2014

Spoke Too Soon

Recently I was delighted with the warm weather.  I saw daffodils emerging from barren soil and decided that Spring had arrived.  Ooops.


I know official spring doesn't stat until later this week, but I was really looking forward to warmer weather.  Ooops.


Not Spring.  Not warmer.  Is it one last hurrah?  Let's hope so.


Because I am ready for Spring.  And some warmer weather.  Like tomorrow, maybe??


  1. I am all too ready for winter to go away.

  2. We had just a bit of this weather last night. Nothing like yours though. I am ready for spring!

  3. We had 9 inches of snow by 10 a.m. plus a little more after that. I'm so ready for spring!

  4. Not as much snowfall here, but it was very pretty while it lasted. The budding daffodils were frozen so may be a bit late, if ever in blooming.

  5. Your weather must have come our way after leaving you. We woke up to a covering of ice and doors frozen shut. Hopefully this is the last of it!