Friday, March 14, 2014

New Toy

I bought Lee a new toy.  When people drive up to see us, we are unable to see them.  If they don't walk to the front and ring the bell, we might not know they are here, unless the dog barks.


So I bought a camera to mount on the garage and facing the driveway.  This way we can see if the FedEx driver is here.  An alarm dings when it detects motion.  There is even a speaker so that he can tell us if he needs a signature.  It has a record function so we know if we have missed any visitors.

Pretty cool, right?

The only bad part is the fact that Lee now has a job to do.  It has to be mounted and wired into an outlet.  So instead of a gift, I gave him a job.  Happy Valentine's Day!  Yeah, I know.  Not very romantic.  But I gave him other gifts.  And they were romantic.  A car magazine subscription is so romantic!


Lee needed help.  I am an acknowledged electrical apprentice.  ("Lee, does this make me an electrical apprentice?"  "Sure."  See?  He acknowledged it.)  I ran the fish tape puller thingy down the hole Lee had cut, to the outside electrical box.  He attached the Romex wire and I pulled it up.  Then I went in the house and he did the rest.  Hey.  I'm the apprentice, NOT the electrician.



Now you can't sneak up on us any more.



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  2. OH RATS. I can't sneak up on you anymore.

  3. Hope it can detect Santa on the roof at Christmas...but then there wouldn't be any magic.

  4. Ooooooh, high tech stuff! Love it!!,