Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Rhett set up scratching at the scratching post and howling like he wanted to start something.  I usually throw him outside when this happens.

But it was snowing.  Still, I opened the door to show him the weather and hopefully he would quit fussing.


Instead he walked out.  I waited at the door thinking he would turn around and come back in.


And waited.  Then I went back to coffee and the paper.  He was out for quite awhile, long enough for his tracks to start filling in,  but I couldn't see him.


What was he doing?  He must have been under the porch as he didn't have a lot of snow on him.


Even Ash wanted to know.

Not talking. 



  1. Don't let that pretty kitty get lost in the snow! With his coloring he could get lost rather quickly.

  2. Dude! It was cold and snowy out there... get your ass in the house cat!!

  3. Really ready for some warm weather!

  4. Greg says he looks like a yeti!

  5. Beauties who should know to stay where it is warm! lol

  6. Even a cat needs some fresh air every now and then.

  7. Cats are mysterious little critters!