Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thumb Thing

I don't usually write about gifts that I am given.  After all, not everyone has such great husbands and children.  No point making you feel bad.  This year for Christmas I got many thoughtful, and much desired, gifts.  One gift stands out.  It is a handmade gift from my son, Travis.

I love giving and getting handcrafted items.  Only a person that makes gifts can truly appreciate the work and thought that goes into something handcrafted.  My son, Travis made me a great gift this year.


When I opened the package, I had no idea what it was.  It was made of redwood and was silky smooth and had a hole in the middle.  I could fit my finger in the hole but it was way too long to be a wooden ring.  I had no clue of how it was to be used.  After he explained it to me I was thrilled.


I read quite a bit.  About 300 books a year, mostly paper backs.  I love them because they are so portable and you can take them just about anywhere.  A brand new paperback is hard to keep open.  It keeps wanting to close up on you. You have to try to hold one page of the other open enough to read it.


It is a thumb book holder opener.  It fits over your thumb and the wing span holds both sides of the book open.  Clever, isn't it?  Travis didn't invent the concept, but it is finely and exquisitely made and I love it.

My new gift does not have a name, although I am open to suggestions.  Perhaps a name like those given to items from IKEA, like a poopli or kerplunkt. Maybe a bookdee or thumbkin.  Perhaps, bookumb.  ("Book 'em Danno.  I mean, hand me my bookumb, Danno.")

Vanessa suggested a bookmark be attached to keep it in the book and so save your place in the book and keep the holder from getting lost.   Perhaps they can incorporate that in the next generation of thumbkins...or bookdees.


  1. That is such a clever idea and so special since your son made it for you.

  2. Rebecca, you can write about any gifts you receive without making me feel bad. I too have a (really) great husband and will gladly share that he gave me "nuttin" for Christmas that could be wrapped in a box or with a and support and caring. That said, I do so envy your handmade gift (yes, the best kind) and as for a name...still thinking on that one.

  3. That is a really cool gift. I am impressed!

  4. I love that! And it's beautiful.

  5. What a great gift. And, I think you will appreciate it more and more as time goes on.

  6. What an amazing gift and idea! Happy reading!