Sunday, December 15, 2013

Home Tour 2013

Several years ago we agreed to be on the Home Tour for the Town of Buchanan.  This is a fund raiser for the Community House and we were glad to participate.

We were approached to do it again this year.  The house is the same, but we now have a fledgling B&B and Harry Gleason (Town Revitalization manager) thought local people might be interested in seeing it.

We are happy to help, but it does mean we have to get out all the decorations that generally spend Christmas in boxes.  All our kids are coming for Christmas this year for the first time in quite a few years, so we probably would have gone all out anyway.


So now we have two trees.  One upstairs and one downstairs


This is my favorite spot in the B&B.  A cozy corner to curl up and read.


The bedroom is finished and we even put some decorations there, although we won't do that when we have guests.  You have to have places to put the junk we all travel with.


In addition to the Santa themed Christmas tree, we have a corner with a large Nativity scene.


I took the advice from others and changed the wheelchair vignette.  After Christmas I can remove the Santa hat and the bear can occupy the chair until I get some antique dolls.


We put out more decorations scattered throughout the rooms.  I hope the visitors will feel they got their money's worth.  It IS for a good cause!

Lee is even showcasing his truck.  His truck hauling Santa.  The reindeer must be on strike or something!


  1. Your home and decorations are absolutely gorgeous! I love them.

  2. Looks very homey and comfortable on the B&B from the photos you showed. My favorite was the last one of Santa on a John Deere and the colors were perfect too.