Saturday, June 29, 2013

Two Rooms Done

Naturally the two finished rooms are the smallest rooms.  They are still empty of any decoration, but we are making progress and I am happy about that.


The powder room was a real pain.  The hole in the back of the vanity was so small and hard to work with.  We even had to move the water and sewer lines and replaster the wall behind it.  Then the toilet ended up being a 10 inch rough in.  ALL toilets sold in home improvement stores are 12 inch rough ins.  There was some sort of mix up between the plumber and the framer.  Strangely, they are nephew and uncle, but we knew none of this.  It was something we weren't told until we had bought a toilet and took it out of the box.....and recycled the box.  Lowe's kindly took back the toilet and we made a special ordered one from them.  It was only, ONLY,  $100 more.  Gee, is that all?  Plus, it didn't come with a seat and wax ring like the other one did so there went ANOTHER trip to the store.  And $50.



Just in case someone doesn't like the choices we made, my Aunt Suzy gave me this and it should answer any questions. 


The bathroom looks great, but it is very yellow so we need some décor that only has a wee bit of yellow.  Maybe a floral print or two.



The cabinet we have been working on turned out great.  Lee went to the car show in Roanoke this morning and came back with the perfect cabinet pulls.


 I found some similar ones on the internet, but once you add in shipping they get crazy high for just two pulls.  But he found the perfect ones with just a wee touch of yellow.


I found a mirror that I liked and that I can put horizontally on top of the cabinet.  All I need now is a basket or two to put on top and fill with sachets or something.  I think I will dry some lavender this summer to fill them.


  1. Two down...yeah! Now how many more are there to go? Like the look if those cabinet pulls and think that we have a couple very similar that we found in the local hardware store. Can't be sure if the pattern is the same as we're not home now...another family road trip visit, this time a HS graduation.