Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Wee Baby

I recently wrote about a box turtle that we discovered.   He somehow found his way into our garage. I put him outside where I hoped he would be safe from future mowing.


Today while working in the yard Lee saw a baby box turtle.  It was the cutest wee thing.  It was very hard to release THIS little guy into the wild.  He looked too small and vulnerable to survive. 


Box turtles lay about 6 eggs each time and I am hoping the siblings went to a safer place than our front lawn.  They are not endangered, but they are considered threatened.  We seem to have a good breeding spot for them, so maybe we should put the word out. No box turtle collecting here.


  1. That sure was a cute little box turtle and I might also have been tempted to let it grow up a bit before releasing, but then HOW long would that take? We fgind more garden frogs and never any turtles here.

  2. So cute! We have turtles but I haven't seen any baby ones.

  3. So cute. My neighbor Joni has baby desert turtles and wants to know if we want one to raise. What do you think?