Friday, June 7, 2013

One Thing Done

We have been doing a lot in the basement.  But no one thing was completely done.  This is no longer true.  The shower is officially done.


The whole thing is tiled. Lee installed the faucet and now the glass wall is in.


I think it looks great.  We even have a towel warmer on the wall for those chilly mornings.

We had a rectangle where we had a smaller tile with a border put in.  The shower wall was really long and sort of boring.  There is no shower door or curtain and no step.  It should be handicap accessible.  Or at least aunt-with-a-bad knee accessible.


The vanity is waiting until the minor patch job on the wall is completed.  The granite top and sink are waiting for the vanity.


The toilet is waiting for the plumber to install a shut off valve.  Then we have to paint the baseboards.  So not even close to done.  Well closer, but no cigar.

But the shower is done!

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  1. And it looks wonderfully inviting. Nice too that there's no curtain or door as less to fuss with and maintain.