Friday, June 14, 2013

Fetching The Paper

We get the Roanoke Times delivered to our home every morning.  When I was a kid I had a friend who was a newspaper "boy".  She couldn't get her own route, because she was a girl, so she got her brother to sign up and she did all the work.  The times they are a changin'.  (Dany started as a courier and then worked her way up to a senior manager for FedEx and helped to deliver way more than newspapers.)  I went with her a few times and remember some people asked to have the paper "porched".  Dany was an expert at throwing the paper to the exact spot she wanted and I was very impressed.

Too bad I can't get my paper porched.  Our newspaper box is about 1/3 of a mile from our house.  This means we have to drive to get it every morning.  Well, we don't HAVE to drive.  We could walk.  Get in a morning constitutional.  But that is a looong walk up hill to get back to the house.  So we drive. 


The mule is the easiest way to get there and the method we choose if it isn't raining or freezing cold.


RJ loves the run to get the mail and he gets HIS constitutional.


It is a long, but absolutely gorgeous drive.  We frequently see deer or turkeys at this curve.  RJ gets an extra bit of constitutional when he chases them into the woods.


Still driving.



There it is.




Oops.  Looks like RJ has had enough of a run today.  He is taking a course of antibiotics because a tick gave him Lyme's disease, but we caught it early and he should be fine.  And, yes he is on Frontline Plus, but he got a few ticks before it was time to put it on him again.

Heading home, now.  Looks like the driveway is STILL wet from the torrential rain yesterday!


On the home stretch.



And back to the house.  Not a bad way to start the morning.  Guess I don't want the paper porched.



And how do you start your day?


  1. We start out day be reading all the news on iPads while sitting in bed and enjoying a cup of coffee. Ten, it's off to the local YMCA and back home for breakfast.

  2. We don't receive a paper delivery, but we do have a little ways to go for the mail.

    As for those pesky ticks... yes. We use the monthly application as well, but it doesn't seem to make it through the 30 days so once in a great while we do have a tick to rid our pups of. I'm so glad you caught RJ's Lyme early on. He's SUCH a great dog!! I want a Mule too!! It's on our list of 'wants' but don't really need. :)

  3. I take the car down to get my newspaper; we have a long driveway, too. Lots of times I don't read the paper until mid-morning, though.

  4. How fun!! Thanks for taking us on your lovely drive in the "mule". Enjoyed getting caught up on your blog after a busy, busy couple of weeks.