Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Modern Technology

Lee bought me an iPad for our anniversary.  That means I have to use it up to it's full potential.  Right now I mostly use it for emails and playing solitaire.  The totally BEST thing about it is Skyping with my kids. Trista gave my visiting aunts a tour of her home in Nottingham, England.  How cool is that?  I can't wait to take it to my mom's and let her Skype with the Grands.  I also downloaded all my unread Nook books to it.  I save those mostly for when I travel and don't want to take a pile of books.

I am getting comfortable with the things I already know how to do on the PC, so now I have to expand my horizons.  A couple of days ago I figured out how to use my cell phone as a hotspot for the iPad.  Going gangbusters, now!


We read the Roanoke Times.  That is because we live near Roanoke and that is the only daily newspaper.  In my opinion, you have to read a paper.  How do you know what is happening in the world?  Sure, I read the news blurbs on the computer that interest me and I watch the news on TV.  Different channels at different times.  But I also think you need to read a paper to stay informed.  Is this because I was a journalism major or was I a journalism major because I like to stay informed?  Chickens and eggs.

Well, I read in the Times that I can also get my subscription on my iPad for free.   I can download it when traveling and stay current.  Or look up old articles rather than digging through our recycle bin.  I hope to be able to copy recipes for later use, rather than having an ever growing pile of torn out articles on my kitchen counter.

And all I needed to do was email in to the Times and they would send me the password for the App I downloaded from the App store.  I waited two days.

This morning I finally called in for the password.  If you do this, make sure you have one in mind as they will ask you for it and then your brain will freeze.  Or try to tell the person on the phone WAITING for you the password you use for your bank account.  This would be bad.  So have one in mind.


And LOOK.  Now I can read the paper when traveling.  Or if it is snowing and I just don't want to go get it.  Or if Lee has the section I want.  Yay!

So now I need to figure out how to use the iPad to edit a post for my blog that I started on my PC.  So far that is a no go.  Any suggestions?


  1. The only program that I know about fit creating off line blog posts is Blogsy, which Grenville has used. The app can be downloaded and costs $5' at least it did when he downloaded. You could also create a post in blogger but only when on line.

  2. I have never used my iPad for creating a blog post. I do comment on blots with it but I find that using my iMac desktop or my MacBook Pro Laptop are easier for creating a blog post. Maybe I should check out Blogsy too?

  3. I would think if you do a draft in blogger at your PC and save the draft in blogger, that it would be there regardless of where you open your blog again. But I'm still in the stone ages and use a desktop, so what do I know?