Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tidy Up

I have been trying to fit it a bit of land clearing between the quilting and the basement work.  It is amazing how fast the weeds take over in the front.  I guess that is because we don't generally use the front entrance.  So the few occasions we do, we (meaning, I) are (am) surprised.  Where did that giant weed come from?

Then I had to get out the battery operated hedge trimmer and and the machete and some clippers.  Oh, and I had to spray the peach trees to prevent peach leaf curl in the spring.  They USED to be dormant, but half-way through spraying I noticed that they were trying to bud.  Has it been THAT warm?

FYI, stay downwind when spraying lime sulfur spray.  Smells like rotten eggs.  Not a good perfume.



Then I did a bit of work in the drive.There are some locust trees coming up and they are a lot easier to get now.  Plus, I like a tidy drive.  It will take a few more days of work, but if I can get myself to get out and do it, I can enjoy it all winter.


Then I get to do it again!

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  1. These may be the same ones that kept returning to our yard, until I put down a thick blanket of pine straw. t's my favorite (and free) mulch as long as I am willing to rake it and I always do! Good luck with your weeding.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lee and your family. Glad we were able to meet this year. Thanks for reading and commenting on our blog posts too.