Monday, November 12, 2012

More Framing

Lee is still working on the basement.  We bought almost 30 recessed light canisters for him to install.  He has to wire them and all the plugs an switches.  He is drawing wiring diagrams to remember where he put what and why.

So I couldn't work on my quilt, could I?  Rather indulgent, wouldn't you say?  I was even going to go do some trimming on the drive, but it started to rain, so that was out.  I had to go in the basement and finish putting in the blocks for the bathrooms.  We are putting wood in the appropriate locations for towel bars and toilet paper holders.  Then I need to diagram them so we know where they can safely be installed.


There is a pile of various lengths of 2X4s and2X6s that I pick through to find a piece that will work.  Then I had to frame around the sewer lines.  They have a clean out that needs to be accessible.  I have to finish getting them framed so we can get the drywall contractor in here. 


I can't help Lee with the electrical, but I can cut wood and screw it in place.  Of course they have to be big enough to get them open to clean out the drains, in case that is ever necessary.  And the have to be level and symmetrical.  You can't just slap up some wood and call it a day.


Because I don't do this often and it has been a long time, it took me awhile.  Plus, when you mark the wood, do you cut right on the line, to the far side of the line?  Things like that.   I needed to remind myself.

So that is why it took me a couple of hours.  Oh, and sometimes Lee had the hammer when I needed it.  That slowed me down, too.

But one more thing was crossed off the list, so that is a good thing.


And then I had to remove two boards over the closet door where we decided to built a transom.  We didn't want the plasterers to plaster over the doorway, so I had to remove the boards and cutting the nails was the fastest and easiest way.  Thank goodness for the invention of the Sawzall. 


It is my plan to make a leaded glass insert. I want the natural light from the bedroom to be able to reach into the media room and I figured a glass transom would work.  I have done a few stained glass pieces and want to try my hand with making the window myself.

The plan is to get the beveled inserts for the middle of the window off the Internet and and then I will cut the other pieces myself.  I have everything I need to copper foil and then solder them in place.  I want to find a  pattern on the Internet, too.  I'm not a good artist, but I can follow patterns.  It is sort of like making a quilt...only with glass.

And ANOTHER thing off the list.  I'm really working fast!



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