Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Latin Student

I am in California to visit my mother.  It is amazing the things she remembers.  She is 89.

Today she told me about a poem written in the margin of her Latin book as a student.  She was probably in high school at the time .  I tried to Google it to see if it was  a popular student experiment of the day.  It seems variations of this poem and other similar ones are still around today.  I have no idea if it originated in Ashland, Kentucky,(her hometown)  but I don't see why it couldn't have!

So here is a Latin poem for all you suffering Latin students to memorize and impress your teachers!

Boyibus kissibus sweetest girlorum.
Girlibus likibus, wantum somorum.
Papabus hearabus kisses galorum.
Kickibus boyibus out of the rorum.
Jumpibus gateibus, britchibus torum.

There.  Now you have an idea of how Latin sounds to the untutored ear.  And how my mother remembered the verse.

Now go out and impress someone!

And may I say that Spellcheck won't work on this so I apologize in advance for any errors. 


  1. Hope you and your mother have a wonderful visit, Rebecca. Wishing you a safe journey when you head home.

  2. Beautiful! If only Latin were so simple... Here, I have one for you:

    Latin is a dead language,
    Dead as it can be,
    It killed all the Romans,
    And now it's killing me.


  3. Hope you are having a wonderful visit!

  4. Heh heh! Here's one I remember from many years ago:
    Civil der dego fortibus es enerow
    Novili deus trux
    Vadis enum?
    Caux en dux!

    I'm not sure of the spelling but you have to read it out loud. Hint: It starts out "See Will, there they go, forty buses in a row..."