Saturday, November 3, 2012

Silver Day

Lee and I had to take a break from working in the basement.  His wrist is very sore from all the work and I was tired of being covered in sawdust and concrete dust.  You can easily see who does the bulk of the work and who is the assistant.  On the other hand, Lee won't clean toilets...and never writes a post for who is working harder here?!

Besides that, I have been getting calls all day from celebrities.  Clint Eastwood called me.  I think Carmel is beautiful and if he had invited me to dinner or something that would have been great, but he wanted to tell me how to vote.  Pat Boone also called me.  Once again, no invite, no chatting, how to vote.  So we had to get out for a bit.  What if Tom Selleck called me?  Then I would have to listen to HIM!  We have so much in common.  He is tall and gorgeous and a great actor and I used to live in Hawaii.  Plus, I think he was a fraternity brother to my former roommate and current good friend's ex-husband from back in my Pasadena days.  How's THAT for six degrees of separation?

I read in the paper about a silver plating company that was coming to a local jeweler in Salem, R. M. Johnson & Sons. The store was right off Main Street and we had never seen it before.  They were so helpful and friendly that we may go back.   We like shopping in family owned stores more than chain stores.


 I have some silver pieces from my father that I want to preserve.  They are from the late 1800s and they can no longer be polished. It is a coffee service and not very expensive but, they are engraved with the initial R for my maiden name, Risser, and came to me from my father.  There are a few dents and a bit of other damage. We took them to the store and waited our turn.


I am never sure if I am being overcharged at these things, and I still don't know, but I went ahead and got them done.  I will end up paying more for the silver plating than they are worth, but  I want them to last for the next generation.  I may have to see which kid loves me the best and THEY will get Granddad's silver!!!  But at least it will be worth getting.  Travis got Grandad's china, but then Katrina came and I never had the heart to ask what happened to them.


I hope whoever gets them is happy that they are silver and beautiful and a family heirloom and not think that they would rather have the cash!  At any rate I will now display them and enjoy them.

Now I REALLY have to sell the horses!


  1. How nice that you've them!!
    I'm catching up after a blog reading hiatus and have to say that your basement looks so neat and tidy for being under construction! Wish I could say the same for our new house.... it's a mess!