Friday, November 16, 2012

Plugging Holes

Once again I am doing work, but not skilled labor by any stretch of the imagination.


While Lee adds the four new locations we will need to add the basement onto the whole house vacuum, I am filling in the gaps around pipes to the outside. 


I finished cleaning the tops of the walls and pulled down insulation to expose the pipes I needed to fix.  There were also a couple of holes where someone had meant to put a pipe and then never did. 


I filed the little ones with foam and then cut out squares of wood to glue and nail over the holes.


The plan was to use Gorilla Glue.  The glue had filled the opening so that it was almost impossible to get it out of the bottle.  No problem.  Use a pair of pliers and you are good.  The Gorilla Glue bottle may never recover, but I managed to get the four holes covered.  I did have to add a screw or two to hold everything together while the glue dried.


I have now done all I know how to do.  So the rest is on Lee.  That's okay.  I've got a lot of quilting to do.  I have to make a big pile of Flying Geese to use as a border for some of my Stack and Whack four patch squares.  I am making all of them at once and then I will sew them all together.  Quilting by assembly line.


This all sounds quick, but I am still a novice and it takes time.  And there are a lot of squares.

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