Friday, July 24, 2015

Welcome Baby Card

I finished the baby afghan I was working on and sent it off.  But it needed a card to go with it.

I searched through the images on the Cricut Design space and found one I liked.  And $.99 cents later I was in business.

I chose a yellow patterned paper for the envelope.  I just had to remember to change the cutting depth from light card stock to paper.  I also used the light grip cutting mat so the finished product would be easier to remove.

I recently visited a Hobby Lobby store and found some cutting mats at a pretty cheap price.  Then I used a coupon and spent less than $4.00 a mat.  I am still learning the machine and have already destroyed one.  That be the cost of opinion.


A bit of cutting...the machine did that.  But I slid the mat in!


A bit of job

And a finished card.


I sealed the card with some baby stickers and off went the package.


  1. You didn't show us a picture of the finished baby blanket! Or was the one in a previous entry the completed one, and not an illustration of what you wanted to do?

  2. There's nothing quite like a hand made gift and that goes for the card as well😉

  3. What a cute card and envelope!
    Did I tell you I donated my Cricut to the Fincastle Library? I figured they would use it more than I - since I haven't used it in the 3+ years I've had it.
    I'm so aggravated that I missed a card workshop in Vinton yesterday. We had plans with the grandchildren so I didn't think I could go. Then, those plans changed and I forgot about the workshop as well. Drat!
    Have a good week.