Monday, July 27, 2015


I found a fabric at Jo Ann's that I thought would be great for a basket.  I found a pretty faux turquoise embellishment that matched the fabric.  Some glue and thread and I was in business.


This time I made an oval base.  I placed tape to mark where to start and stop the bending to make the sides of the basket.


Mmm.  Maybe a little taller.


I made handles on this basket.


I sewed the embellishment with invisible thread this time.


I like this one.  Maybe a Christmas gift.


  1. Ooooh, I like this one, too. The embellishment is perfect for it.
    Do you keep anything you make?
    Years ago, I did a lot of needlework and I gave it all away. Last year, I was visiting my best friend and saw that she had a picture I had given her "almost" in the donate pile. Hehehe. I asked her if I could have it back. It's now in the guest room where she stays when she visits from Winchester. I like remembering those "creative" days.