Friday, May 1, 2015

National Anthem

I have a cousin that lives nearby.  She has a lot of kids.  If you consider ten kids a lot.  I do.

They all sing.  In harmony.


The local minor league baseball, the Red Socks, had them out for a recent game.  It was education day and there were a bunch of school buses dropping off kids. 

The kids all sang the National Anthem.  All except the baby and the one away at college.


Because it was an afternoon game, the stands were mostly empty.  That's OK.  The line at the snack stand was short!


We stayed for the anthem and about 4 innings and then came home when it got hot. I really just came to see all my cousins singing on the field!


  1. Congratulations to them! And yes, 10 is a lot of kids.

  2. How neat is that. The national anthem is a very difficult song to sing, so your cousins must be very talented.