Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cruisin' at the Buchanan Cruise In

Our small town of Buchanan has various festivals to get people downtown and to entertain them once they are there.  One of these things in the Second Friday Cruise In.  On the second Friday of the month people gather in downtown and walk around enjoying each others cars. They don't hold it in the winter months.  No self respecting car guy will drive his "baby" on snowy or icy roads.  Not happening.


This last Friday was Motown Night and the DJ was playing all my favorites.  We didn't get there soon enough to get on the shady side of the street, so I hung out in the shade of a light pole and waited for cooler weather. 

It was a nice night.  The streets were full of happy people and the stores were open late.


Lee took his 1974 Camaro out for her first Cruise In.  Lots of people old and young enjoyed peering in the engine compartment and checking out the new upholstery.  The Camaro seemed to enjoy the night and I enjoyed my first ride in the rebuilt Camaro.  I love the throaty roar of a muscle car tearing down the road and pressing you back into the seat.  Totally within the speed limit.  Totally.


  1. we have that sort of thing here in our town, but it's still too soon, weather wise up here!! Lovely looking car, in my favourite colour, red.

  2. I didn't know about this. We went to the Daleville Town Center Friday night and enjoyed some outdoor music.

  3. That's a good lookin' car. I didn't know about this event, either. Must've overlooked it in the local paper. Glad you had a great time.

  4. Oh how I miss the days of muscle cars and hearing the indistinguishable sound of my boyfriend's car as it came glub glubbbing down the street to see me, So much fun!