Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Great Day

Once, when our daughter Tara was very young, I  told her I was proud of her.  She became embarrassed and instructed me to never tell her I was proud of her.  I told her that I couldn't stop telling her I was proud when she did something wonderful, but that from now on I would tell her I was "P" of her, so no one else would know.

This last Friday we went up to Washington, D.C. to see her graduate from George Washington University.  She did her undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech ( Biology and Psychology) and then worked as an Embryologist for over a year while she decided which direction to follow for her Master's.


She chose to become a Physician's Assistant.  In fact, after going through the program, she wonders why anyone decides to be a Doctor.  The school loans are horrific, the hours terrible and they have the headache of managing the medical practice.  Her two year program flew by, from our perspective. 



The day was beautiful and not humid.  That is always a plus this time of year.  We drove in early to get parking and then walked to the World War II monument, which I had never seen. 


We walked past the reflecting ponds filled with ducks and took a brief visit to the Lincoln Memorial on our way back to GW.


The graduating class was 67 students.  They are rated number three in the United States for their Physician's Assistant program.  Getting accepted was a huge honor.


The class was small and they took classes together and went on rotations together.  They became very close and I expect they will stay life long friends and colleagues.  I'm not sure why most of the class was female, but it was.


Now she has to take the National Boards and then wait for the paperwork to go through that system and then she can start looking for work.  She has decided to start her career in Women's Health.  Tara did two rotations in OB/GYN and that is where her current interest lies.


I am "P" of you, Tara.


  1. Congratulation to your daughter. You have the reason to be P on her:)

  2. Thank you my dearest Mum! It was a great day, especially since you both were able to be there!

  3. Wow! Congrats to Tara! Quite an accomplishment!

  4. Congratulations to your daughter. I know you are proud of her. I'm always interested in the different fields kids study today. I have an understanding of biology and psychology but working as an embryologist leaves me clueless about what it involves. Women's health puts me back in the loop of understanding what she'll be doing. Good luck to her on the boards.

  5. Oh wow! Congratulations to Tara! I fired my doctor and now only see a Physicians Assistant. She is much friendlier and communicative than the actual Physician I was seeing. Sounds like you all had a wonderful week-end. xox

  6. You and Lee have every right to be "P" parents. Congrats to Tara and my njece is following a similar career path on NJ. It is a lot of hard work!