Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Love A Tea Party

A friend came to visit yesterday.  That was my excuse to have a tea party.  You can never have too many tea parties!

I usually do a sweet, a savory and at least one thing baked. I settled on butterbrickle scones, chocolate dipped strawberries and cucumber sandwiches.


I bought VERY thin bread and spread it with whipped cream cheese.  I sprinkled the cream cheese with salt, pepper and dill weed.


The store was out of ENGLISH cucumbers, so I had to settle for the AMERICAN kind.  I peeled the cucumber and then cut slices all along the AMERICAN seeds and left the seeds on the cutting board.  The thinly sliced cucumbers went on top and then the icky, horrible CRUSTS were removed and the sammies were cut in wee triangles.


The tea was from my favorite tea shop, the White Oak Tea Tavern.  It was almost too hot to have hot tea on the screened porch, but we  turned the fans on and toughed it out.


It was great!


  1. It was too warm yesterday, and today is going to be the same, if not warmer. Humidity has climbed. Oh October October, where for art thou October?

  2. Looks lovely, even if you did have to settle for those AMERICAN cukes.