Saturday, December 6, 2014

I'm Dreaming Of A White Thanksgiving


Our daughter and her fiancé came here for Thanksgiving.  They left their home in Northern Virginia on Tuesday night to avoid the projected snow.  Good thing, because it did snow!

Not a lot, but enough to build a snow man.


And enough that RJ was really, REALLY happy.


And enough that Tara and Greg could do a bit of sledding.  Don't worry.  They didn't have to climb up that steep hill.  Lee picked them up in the Mule.


Greg tried to stand on the sled and ride it down the hill like a snowboard, but the sled did not cooperate.  Maybe he'll bring his actual snowboard at Christmas. 



Then again, we have a ridge of rocks running along the bottom of the hill, so it will have opt be a LOT of snow.

The snow was gone in a few days, but the snowman lasted a lot longer.  Guess his Tech hat protected him from the heat.



  1. Great memories. I don't like driving in the snow, but it surely is fun to play in :) Happy Holidays.

  2. That is a great snowman! Look like they had fun!

  3. Nice set of pictures! We heard that Northern Virginia did not get the snow that we did.