Thursday, December 4, 2014

No More Furniture

We recently won two items in an auction at Crowning Touch.  One was a painting for the bedroom of our B&B.  The other was a small dresser we intended for the closet.

When we designed the closet, we wanted to have a blanket cabinet of some sort.  We also wanted to have  a surface to place items for charging batteries, so we Lee installed a tall plug in that corner.


We have been looking for the right piece for a long time.  It had to have large drawers for spare blankets, in case a guest was cold.  It had to be short enough that you could place a tablet or laptop for recharging and still have the outlet exposed.  The niche in which it needed to be placed was narrow so we couldn't have a long piece.

And most important, it had to be cheap affordable.


We won this decent walnut dresser.  It's not glorious, but it was around $100 and I liked the look.  The drawers weren't as big as I wanted but they would do.  It needed a bit of work.  One of the side pieces was loose and came off during transporting it home.  That required some wood glue and clamping.


I found an old shirt and pair of underpants behind the drawers.  Yuck!  That space also had a large amount of sawdust from years of the drawers moving in and out. 


I vacuumed everything out.  I used Murphy's Oil Soap to wash all the surfaces, inside and out.  Then I wiped all the finished areas with a good quality furniture oil.


It is now installed in the closet and ready for our next guests.


Now I don't have any more excuses to go to any more auctions or estate sales.  We have all the furniture we need.  I had thought at one time that I might buy a Hoosier cabinet or a corner cabinet.  But I certainly don't need anything else. 


My father once had a rule.  If my mother bought any new piece of furniture, she would have to find a new home for an old piece.  My mother had an aversion to getting rid of anything and my father had a minimalist idea of decorating.  Unless it was something he liked and then all bets were off.

If I follow this edict, then I can get nothing else.  But I don't really need anything else, so that should be easy to do.  After all we probably won't live here forever and when we move, it will be to a smaller place that would be more conducive to old people.

Unless I find a really good deal on a corner cabinet, because they are pretty cool and don't take up a lot of space. And I have wanted  Hoosier cabinet for a long time.  They have all those fun cupboards and drawers.

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  1. Hahaha - I'm laughing at your final paragraph. That ended up being a beautiful chest of drawers.