Friday, December 19, 2014

We Torture Cats

We recently had the annual "Torture the Cats" festival at our house.  This involves tricking them into a guest room and stuffing them in a cat carrier.  By their behavior you would think that cat carriers are full of sharp objects and poisonous fumes. I'm pretty sure that's not true.


If there are any sharp objects involved, Ashley has them. And uses them to great effect.


Then they go for a car ride.  Car rides are stomach turning roller coaters, apparently.  For they emit piteous cries for the entire ride.  Cat treats, ordinarily the BEST thing in the world, are completely ignored.


Upon arrival at the veterinarian's office, they routinely refuse to leave the torture chamber cat carrier and have to be dumped and pulled out, respectively.


Of course, then they really ARE tortured by getting sharp pokes in two places.

At this time they happily return to the cat carriers and give us the silent treatment all the way home. Still refusing the cat treats.


When we return home they happily jump in any box or bag they find.  Particularly those we intend to use, or don't wish to have coated in fluffy white fur.

On the other hand, our daughter has to use leather gloves and sedation to get her cat a physical, so we should consider ourselves lucky.

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