Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bedroom, DONE

Our B&B has been up and running for quite some time.  But the bedroom wasn't finished.  I wanted a painting over the bed, but never found one I liked.


We recently visited one of our favorite auction places in Roanoke, Crowning Touch.  Lee noticed a large paining on one wall.  He thought it looked like a home in the Cotswolds. 

We bid on it and won the auction.


It is big and kind of heavy, so we placed two picture hangers in the studs.  You wouldn't want a painting to fall on your head when sleeping would you?


All the artwork in the bedroom have some blue in them, so this picture fits with my decorating scheme.

Hah!  Did you fall for that one?  I have no scheme, decorating or otherwise.  But we do have a preponderance of blue in the room and this picture has blue and I like it.  That is the limit of my decorating gene.


The room is now complete.  No more lists of things I want to finish it.  It is finished.  We get a lot of compliments on the room and I hope this will add just an extra touch to make it that much more warm and inviting.

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